22 de marzo de 2015

Do you think we can burn without screaming?

Yesterday I went to experience the physical-theater show "Most truths are so naked" from Mute Comp.
The first thing I thought it was: wow.
The second thing I thought it was: Why in the 90% of the plays/shows we abuse of the drama and the tragic side of life? Maybe they are only the shows I choose, actually.

Walking under the sun... it is fucking cold out here, even it is sunny.

And the third thing I thought was: wow, this is really an amazing experience. I don´t really care about the topics in general. For me it only matters what I see, what I understand and what I feel. I do think when you share a creation of yourself you are making a present for your audience and the meaning of it is now the meaning you decided for it, is the one each person is going to give it. And that´s actually the amazing magic of creation.

The show made me think about a very deep relation of ourselves with our body. To feel that it is a huge tool of communication with ourselves, with others and the universe. A very powerful tool. There were some movements, muscles that I could have ever imagined before a human body can be. Some of the movements reminded me to animal's physiognomy. It was not new for me to have the feeling -again- of how disconnected are we, in general- from our bodies in our everyday-life. I am talking about myself, at least, right now.

Here it comes Paul Valéry: "Ce qu'il y a de plus profond en l'homme, c'est la peau"

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